Full Circle Nylon

The FCF difference: Carpet accounts for over 6 Billion Pounds or 4% of all waste dumped into our landfills each year. We recycle certain types of carpet and pads – doing our part to divert thousands of pounds of waste from local landfills.

Why Nylon?

  • Nylon has been the most commonly used carpet fiber since the 1960s.
  • In overall performance characteristics, nylon is the softest and most versatile of all fiber types
  • Nylon by nature is the most durable, resilient and receptive to dying for color versatility and uniformity.
  • Shaw’s nylons include Anso® nylon and EverTouch styles.
  • Anso® nylon is superior. If you can remember the acronym GREAT, you can remember why:
    • G = Green, Anso nylon is SCS certified with 25% recycled content and is recyclable back into new nylon.
    • R = Resilient. It will look newer longer!
    • E= Experience. Consumers have chosen Anso nylon for more than 40 years
    • A = Anti-soil, Anti-stain. The name Anso is an acronym for Anti-Soil. So when we say Anso® nylon, we are really saying Anti-soil nylon. It is enhanced with Shaw’s patented stain and soil resistance system, R2X. This means Anso nylon products will perform better and look newer longer.
    • T=Tough. This means it will stand up to the consumer’s busy lifestyle over time.