Full Circle Cork Flooring

Full Circle Flooring Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is a beautiful natural product. Most of the benefits of cork are derived from its specialized cellular structure. Cork has a honeycomb cellular structure and each cubic centimeter contains roughly 40 million hexagonal cells. The cork tissue is nearly 85% comprised of an air-like gas that makes the material very lightweight and low density. Nearly any design that can be done in ceramic tiles can now be done in cork.

Why Cork Flooring?

Cork flooring is made from the Bark that is harvested from the tree and is able to regenerate after the harvest. The bark can be re-harvested every 9-10 years without damaging the tree. Cork is a wonderful insulator. It is resistant to temperatures, so go ahead, take off your shoes and walk barefoot. Just as the wine stoppers made from cork are light, your cork flooring will have this same amazing property. Cork is extremely durable. It will not collect dust, and in its natural state, it is fire resistant. The easy maintenance is another benefit of cork flooring. It will not collect dust, and is therefore, hypo-allergenic. It is an insect repellant, and anti-microbial, making it a great choice for your kitchen, bathrooms, and children’s play areas.

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