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Whether its plush or berber, commercial or residential, Recycled or recyclable, we have the styles and colors of carpet you will love. Our experts always discuss seam locations and expectations to ensure you’ve made the right choice.

The FCF Difference:

Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial, nylon, poly or wool , Full circle flooring has your floors covered. Most carpets we carry are from recycled content, Plastic bottles or recycled nylon. and what’s great is the carpet we remove out of your home , we recycle it. That’s going the full circle!

Gone Green

Carpet accounts for over 6 Billion Pounds or 4% of all waste dumped into our landfills each year. We recycle certain types of flooring and pads – doing our part to divert thousands of pounds of waste from local landfills.

Why Carpet?

There’s much more to carpet than high and low pile. You can get super-soft, sculpted surfaces, and materials that are fade-resistant in sunlight. Many types contain significant amounts of recyclable material and renewable resources. At the end of their useful life, many carpets can be recycled for use in new products .Whether you want dramatic color, graphic design or elegant artwork, it is all available in today’s new styles. Perhaps you are concerned about stains, mold, and mildew from other sources./

Carpet manufacturers have come up with solutions—developing molecular-level treatments to take care of these problems. Advancements in fiber technology and new carpet construction methods have made it far more durable and longer lasting than ever in the past. It also insulates the floor and keeps feet warmer in the dead of winter. Walking across the room never felt so good.

Revolutionary New Fiber

A revolutionary new fiber called: triexta, made from DuPont’s latest polymer innovation (a PTT polymer) and is being used throughout the apparel, upholstery and carpet industries. Triexta provides a unique combination of superior performance, softness, and stain resistance compared to other available synthetic fibers. Triexta is also made in part from renewable sourced ingredients making less impact on the environment and still providing exceptional durability and built-in permanent stain and fade protection.

For more information see the National Wood Flooring Association.

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